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Black Sites - Exile CD [PREORDER]


Please note this is PREORDER. Expected to ship the week of April 15th.

Hoove Child Records is proud to present the 2nd full length album from Chicago's Black Sites.

"Exile" contains 8 tracks of dark traditional metal/rock. It is an ambitious and cerebral offering that encompasses several genres and time periods of heavy metal and hard rock. For fans of: Amorphis, Voivod, Idle Hands, Dawnbringer, Demon Bitch (with regard to "experimental"), UFO, Thin Lizzy, Rainbow, and King's X.

Includes members of Bear Mace, Professor Black (live), and Midnight Dice/Satan's Hallow. Cover painting by Adam Burke (Eternal Champion, Moros Nyx, Pagan Altar, Spell, etc).

HCR-018 - Black Sites - Exile
Limited to 500 copies worldwide
CD edition includes exclusive bonus track
Release date: April 19, 2019

1. The Night They Came For You
2. To The Fire
3. Feral Child
4. Coal City
5. Dream Long Dead
6. Focused Totality - The Psychic Knife
7. Prolonging
8. Dwell Upon The End
9. En Force (Queensryche cover)