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Ophicvs - Steel Horned Gas Masked Metalhead CD/LP/Cassette


From Austenitized Records!
Available in black vinyl, CD, and cassette!

The 4th Full length album from Ophicvs. Steel Horned Gasmasked Metalhead is more of what you come to expect. More over the top, more heavy rocking, and more blasphemous badassery. Less isnt more. More is more and Ophicvs delivers! This will mark the first Ophicvs Full length to get the vinyl treatment but will also be aviable on CD and pro cassette.

What are peopel saying about Ophicvs? Here is a excerpt from a review on metal archives for the previous album Machine Gun Reaper.

Is this album over the top? Bitch, if you were on the top standing on your tip toes, Ophicvs wouldn't be a speck in your vision. He's zipped past the exosphere, high-fiving Martians and blasting meteors on his way to deflower the Virgo constellation ~CatIII~

Crank it loud and asses will be kicked, beer will be chugged and ladies will be impregnated with capric offspring. Ave Ophicvs! ~CatIII~
released November 2, 2018

  • Cassette 100%
  • CD 100%
  • Black Vinyl LP 100%