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Wolf [UK] - Edge of the World CD

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I typically stay with current/new bands for my distro but this is such a great collection of songs that I had to bring it in. Von Jugle, the songwriter of Satan's Hallow, was the first one to show me this band! And I thank him for that!

WOLF - Edge of the World CD

HRR 539 CD

Chris English - Vocals
Bill Keir - Guitars, Keyboards
Simon Sparkes - Guitars
Stewart Richardson - Bass
Mike Thorburn - Drums
John Shearer - Drums

01 Edge of the World
02 Highway Rider
03 Heaven Will Rock'n'Roll
04 Shock Treatment
05 A Soul for the Devil
06 Head Contact (Rock'n'Roll)
07 Rest in Peace
08 Too Close for Comfort
09 Red Lights
10 Medicine Man